At Click Age Digital, we have a strategic approach which is focused on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract and engage a well-defined target audience. All our content marketing is aimed at one single thing – driving profitable customer action.

With our content marketing service, you will be able to attract attention, generate leads, and expand your user base. Our team of expert individuals can help in creating eye-catching graphics, Infographics, videos, blogs, articles, white-paper releases, and many more.

Click Age Digital’s Content Marketing, and the creation of content-driven experiences, has always proven to be an extraordinarily powerful way to create value for businesses. The idea of a brand approaching customer engagement by providing education, delight, and general usefulness offers a better and newer model for enriching your brand’s interactions with your customers at every stage of their journey with you.

We, at Click Age Digital deeply understand what content is and we have our own strategy to build your brand’s repo through curated content that appeal to the masses, thereby driving more traffic to your website. Our fundamental Content Marketing Strategy is aimed to achieve strategic business goals for your brand.

We set up meetings with you to discover the answers to the below listed key questions:

  1. What business goals do you want to achieve through our content?
  2. How do we get the team support we need from you to strategically create content?
  3. How do we come up with content ideas that reflect your goals?

With years of content marketing experience, one thing we learnt is that the answers to the queries are based on a continuously evolving process which follows a long-term relationship and strategic path based on your business’s goals, assets, and unique value propositions.

Also, no two content marketing strategies can be alike, so each needs to start with a little self-exploration.

For better results and efficient delivery, we have broken down this phase into multiple steps.

Step 1

We will be identifying your business objectives starting from scratch. For this, we will be analysing your business’s sales funnel and identify the point/points where your business is struggling the most to reach its goals.

In case you have already have available content on your website but are struggling to get the results you were expecting, our team would do an honest assessment of your content efforts.

Step 2

Once we identify the objectives, we will work on composing your content’s market creation. This Content Marketing Mission or CMM as we like to call it will include key components of Click Age’s content marketing endeavour.

Our team would help research and formulate –

  • the core audience target for the content,
  • what type of information will be provided through the content?
  • the desired outcome for the audience.

Based on this research data, we would need you to define your “content marketing mission statement”.

Step 3

With the mission statement in hand, we will now come-up with a few general ideas for addressing the key business goals you are looking to achieve with Click Age’s content marketing efforts. Our suggestions would be based on a few selected criterions, such as:

  • Increased sales leads
  • Greater awareness in the marketplace
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • More favourable industry reputation
  • Greater marketing efficiency

Based on the results from all three steps, we will help create your brand story. The story will be aimed at creating value and forging an emotional connection with your audience.

Step 4

This would include the process of Content Creation Management (CCM) from calendars to calibration. Click Age would provide you with the details of the team, the workflow, and the tactical plan. We will also help you with editorial calendar, publishing guidelines, and a channel plan

Once done, we would gather key strategy information for your editorial calendar [shared on Google Drive/Drop Box]. Our publishing guidelines would include:

    • The defining characteristics of your brand identity (as it relates to the content you will publish)
    • The preferred voice and style your content should be written in
    • The editorial standards your content efforts should be held to.

The Channel Plan would include the platforms where your content will be handled by Click Age:

  • Your website/blog
  • Mobile
  • Guest Blogging
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+)

Like any marketing discipline that you invest it, content marketing requires some advanced thought and planning in order to achieve the best results. But, by joining hands with Click Age Digital, you will be well on your way to having a documented, scalable strategy — and an executable plan for putting it into play.

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